As an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, a researcher at Rockefeller University, an investor/ entrepreneur and a volunteer on the basketball courts of New York City, Sam Lesser has earned a reputation as a sharp thinker, a keen problem solver and a patient mentor and friend. 

Sam’s academic career began in high school, as a member of a laboratory at Rockefeller University. His enthusiasm, passion for asking questions and his creative approach to answering them earned him an invitation to work permanently in the lab, and later to a paid role at a private company founded by the scientists he had worked with. 

Later, Sam’s professors at The Wharton School of Business tapped him as an emerging leader in the fields of mechanical engineering and applied mechanics. His insights on mathematics have been published by a reputable academic journal, and prior to completing his undergraduate studies he was recruited by two instructors to serve as teaching assistants for their courses. 

In the business world, too, Sam is known as a savvy investor and innovative entrepreneur. 

In addition to his academic pursuits, Sam’s concern for the community extends far beyond the classroom and boardroom. As a volunteer with Breakthrough New York, Sam established himself as a kind leader and insightful mentor to disadvantaged youth, tutoring children from low-income families in math.